Hi, I'm
Akshay 👋

I am passionate about creating clean and user-friendly web experiences. I help businesses create products that people love.

Laptop & Coffee
Laptop & Coffee

Design Process

I aim to create interfaces that are consistent, user friendly as well as pleases the eye.

Tech I Love

React JS
Next JS
Gatsby JS
Tailwind CSS

What others say 🎙️

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Akshay is an exemplary employee who has enthusiastic views and constant resourcefulness when faced with problems. He is sure to become an asset to any organization he joins. We wish him all the best in future dealings 😃

Skynox Tech

Tech Solutions Firm

My Journey

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The Beginning

I first got involved in web development in 10th grade. I started by exploring HTML and CSS and found myself enthralled by the endless possibilities of a blank slate. I remember using the notepad to code my first site.

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Onto the real web

That was all fun but it was all on my local machine. I picked WordPress and started working on real projects. As soon as I was comfortable with it, I started working on my own projects and hosted everything on a server.

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The Leap forward

During college, I started building static sites with bootstrap. While the sites were simple, I felt empowered by being able to create them on my own. Then, I decided to take it a step further and learned JS & React JS — after gaining enough knowledge on how to use the framework, I began building complex web applications. I was using sublime text. With code highlights and plugins like Emmet, writing code got much faster.

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The Modern era

I worked a few React JS jobs, switched to VScode and started using Gatsby JS, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS. I focus on code quality as much as possible. For that reason, I use ESlint extensively to ensure the readability and maintainability of the codebase.